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     Nanyang jinniu electric co., LTD. Was established2007Years,With a total investment of more than12000Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of3.2Million square meters。Company is located in the city of henan province nanyang tongbai industrial concentration zone,South by312National highway,The shanghai-shaanxi expressway in the north,Convenient transportation at home and abroad。Is a company specializing in the production of lightning protection lightning protection electric products of high-tech enterprises,The product mainly includes:Metal zinc oxide resistance、Zinc oxide lightning arrester、High-energy resistor、Lightning arrestor disconnector、Counter、Monitor、Drop type fuse、Composite insulator、Isolating switch, etc。
     Company technical force is abundant,Now owns strong technical power12Name,Constitute a high ability of professional research and development team,Product technology level has reached the domestic advanced level,And won43More than the national patent。My company has the advanced push plate furnace、50kgThe spray granulator、Double end face grinding machine、Automatic spray aluminum equipment、4/10Large current test equipment,To ensure the first-class product quality。
        Company's products cover home29Provinces and autonomous regions,Exported to Japan、South Korea、The Czech republic、Thailand、India、Such as more than a dozen countries and regions,And customers at home and abroad set up with our good relations of cooperation。We use“First-class product quality,Good product reputation guarantee,High quality after-sales service”,We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate。